Press Play: Evissimax – OTT

We are excited to introduce ‘OTT,’ the lead single from Evissimax’s first EP, ‘REBOOT-Y.’ This release sends waves of excitement through Milan’s dynamic music scene. ‘REBOOT-Y’ offers a spirited journey, marked by Evissimax’s debut EP’s intoxicating rhythms and enthralling sonic experience. Supported by Ayce Bio, the duo produced five exhilarating and impactful tracks that represent a masterful blend of multiple music styles including Techno, Electro, Jersey Club, and Trance.

‘REBOOT-Y’ takes listeners on an auditory adventure devised by Evissimax, capturing both the zenith and nadir of urban nightlife—from the thrilling ‘Rave To The Grave’ to the contemplative ‘DJ LULLABY.’ Each track is a glimpse into a broader tale, depicting the layered dimensions of contemporary life, from uninhibited nightlife enjoyment to the nuanced mix of relationships and sexuality.

Ayce Bio, serving as producer, sound designer, and DJ, joins forces with Evissimax on ‘REBOOT-Y’. Their collaboration enriches each piece with a distinctive mix of invigorating rhythms and Evissimax’s compelling vocals and bold lyrics, producing a sound that replicates the vibrancy of a club setting.

With ‘REBOOT-Y,’ I aimed to create an EP that captures the essence of my shared experiences and artistic vision

Evissimax, an electrifying Italo-Nigerian DJ and recording artist from Milan, is known for her vibrant lyricism and magnetic stage presence. She has captured the attention of audiences both in her hometown and worldwide, securing her position as a prominent figure in the electronic music community.

Ayce Bio, a trailblazer from Milan noted for his innovative approach to electronic music, has an extensive portfolio that includes roles as a producer, sound designer, and DJ. Ayce continues to redefine the limits of musical creativity and expression.

REBOOT-Y EP will be released via Funclab Records on June 18th 2024

Photos by @asiamichelazzo_