Press Play: FHAT – ‘Pleasure’

If you have ever watched the acclaimed UK comedy series Chewing Gum, you would have caught the ever effervescent Olisa Odele, who happens to be the star of FHAT’s new video for single ‘Pleasure’. The short film presents a restrained and suppressed Lawrence (Odele) refraining from succumbing to his innermost desire as he weaves through his daily routine. Scenes are cut with melodic, sexy R&B vocals whilst dropping an infectiously catchy beat along the way, mirroring Lawrence’s struggles in unexpected (and hilarious) twists and turns. As the FHAT boys put succinctly, “The video is a celebration of acceptance, a reminder to let your true colours shine. A timeless gem of acceptance. Come inside the Pleasure room. Feel free to be yourself. What’s your pleasure?”

Currently residing in Berlin, FHAT consist of wonderfully irrepressible duo Sedric and Aaron whose personalities are just as infectious as their music. Having left the queer music scene of New York for pastures new, both complement each other’s style so intrinsically that it becomes difficult to decipher where one ends and the other begins! With a fresh take on 90s R&B meets (the many sub genres of) dance, we look forward to future offerings from FHAT.

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