Press Play! Introducing Zach Day, anaiis’, and Eliza Legzdina

Introducing 3 new videos from artists I love! Zach Day is a folk-pop singer/songwriter. Growing up in the backwoods of Kentucky Zach presents his first single “If It Kills Me”. London-based, French-Senegalese artist anaiis shares her latest single ‘be alright (solo)’, accompanied by the official video directed by Jesse May Fisher. Larger-than-life Latvian Eliza Legzdina channels a sound that draws on electronic, rap, alt-R&B and more.

“This song hits close to home as I struggle in relationships, often self-reflecting on my own insecurities. “If It Kills Me” is written about that struggle to let go. The song boasts acoustic instruments, a 50’s vibe with an exhilarating vocal performance that will stand up against the very best.

I wanted to shoot the video in my hometown in Kentucky to pay homage to my fellow Kentuckians! Year after year, my hometown was listed in the top 10 poorest counties. Despite suffering from poverty, the people are just amazing. I wanted to play with the lyrics for an interesting take on the meaning of the song. The song lyrics could be taken in so many ways.. I’ll forget you even if it kills me could be about a breakup, it could be about a friend or a parent. I thought it would be cool to interpret it about yourself – changing your own attitude, building self-esteem, things like that.”


‘be alright (solo)’ is the original solo rendition of the song taken from anaiis’ sublime debut conceptual album ‘this is no longer a dream released in September 2021. Whilst the album version featured South African vocalist Sjava, anaiis carries the full expression of this offering with equal strength and vulnerability. The song is an acoustic emblem of hope, an affirmation for these times, with production from Miles James. “It was one of the first songs I wrote for the project and it’s symbolic for me to return to it as a post-album release. I just had to embrace the simplicity of the song and the essence of the message,” the artist laments. “Just a set of comforting words during a time of chaos. Releasing this album independently has been such an empowering journey and to share this original version at this stage of the process really serves as a reminder for me that things always work themselves out.” A year since the singer-songwriter released her debut album ‘this is no longer a dream, the latest video is a celebration of the special project and marks a special time in her life as she announces the birth of her first child. 

The Jesse May Fisher-directed video shot in the rugged UK countryside perfectly encapsulates the mood of the song, with the sombre surroundings in bleak weather conditions adding an atmospheric backdrop to the sonics. In the video, the director notes: “be alright is a soft yet uneasy track. I wanted to create a visual that represented this effect. By using water as a motif to explore entrapment and liberation, Be Alright follows a rebirth narrative where movement, nature and solitude are modes for self-soothing.” anaiis adds, “Creating this video truly reflected the process of rebirth. It was challenging in many ways, encouraging me to push beyond my limits but it was beautiful to see our vision come to life.” 

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Eliza Legzdina drops hotly-anticipated new EP ‘Silver Linings’. This arrives alongside the official music video for ‘Real Girl’! A four-track release, ‘Silver Linings’ opens with Eliza’s most recent single ‘Composure’, a soulful, high-energy pop jam that immediately sets the tone. Next up, ‘Grateful Zombie’ is an empowering, R&B-inspired anthem, while ‘Something Coming’ pairs modern production with Eliza’s endearing vocals. Closing things out, ‘Realgirl’ is an infectious bop that ensures the EP finishes on a high. It follows her 2020 debut EP ‘Iron Curtain Golden Pussy’.

Shot by @tendai.pottinger

Alongside the EP release, Eliza is also sharing her fun-filled visuals for the single ‘Realgirl’. The video was directed by MOBO award-winning director Reece Proctor. In 2016 Reece won Best Video with musician Nadia Rose and has since worked with clients such as Columbia Records, Ministry of Sound, Adidas, Google, BBC and Channel 4.