Press Play: Jonathan Bree – ‘Valentine’

Dropping today is Jonathan Bree’s ‘Valentine’, taken from upcoming album ‘Sleepwalking’ which is due for release May 4th via Lil’ Chief Records. ‘Valentine’ is an ode to many relationships: an ex-lover, a former flame who hasn’t been able to move on to greener pastures and is miserable as hell, an ode to the current lover, a longtime partner, that special someone who gets your pulses racing, or the one who struggles to keep the romantic spark alive. ‘Valentine’ is accompanied by a Hello Kitty meets 1960s French pop inspired video. Because kawaii.

“Valentine’s almost cold and cynical sounding message is actually meant to offer comfort for those that might question the special bond they have with a partner just because chocolates, lit candles, and flowers left their routine years ago replaced by arguments about who might clean the toilet bowl. It’s the antithesis of countless songs that encourage and celebrate people who follow their hearts.”


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