Press Play: LASKAAR – Enemigo

“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.” *Charlie Chaplin. LASKAAR unveiled his new single and video for ‘ENEMIGO’. A heartbreaking track about fighting your demons and detecting the real enemy. The director of the video clip is Jordi Estrada, while the creative direction of the project is by Adrián Rodríguez Castillo. //

ENEMIGO’ was written by LASKAAR and produced together with GIAN. The track “is about introspection and reflection. About the false ghosts and hostile, toxic feelings we create in our minds by making assumptions the moment you have a conflict with someone you love. The belief in your assumptions and the suffering that comes with it. To the point where you finally realise that what you had in mind was not true.”

“The deconstruction of that thought and what made you suffer. By blaming a person and reflecting and deconstructing your prejudices you realise that, in reality, you are your own ENEMY and not the person you love. It is a track that explores the communication problems that we often encounter from a very honest, sober, thoughtful and, at the same time, violent point of view with the desire to resolve those mental demons. And finding the resolution that neither you nor I am the enemy”.

Project directed by Adrián Rodríguez @engalanan
Produced by TORO @tor00000000
Direction: Jordi Estrada @_jordiestrada
Director of photography: Eloi Teixidó Fontova @eloiteixidofontova
Head producer: Adrián Rodríguez @engalanan
Art direction: Adrián Rodríguez @engalanan / Jordi Estrada @_jordiestrada
Stylism: María José Catalán Vargas @marygarlic2000 / Abryl Casanova @abrylcasanova
MUA/FX: Ainhoa Ordóñez Arca @kaaruuaa_
Still photo: Vladyslav Poshyvanyuk @poshyvanyuk
Casting: Adrián Rodríguez @engalanan / María José Catalán Vargas @marygarlic2000
Focus puller: Paula Capdevila @pcapdevilajaramillo
Camera assistant: Ferran Hernández @ferran_hernandez
Camera Rental: Seito @seitocamera
Assistant director: Julis Briansó @mrjulis
Production assistants: Mike Six @mikesx , Uma Saponaro @umasaponaro , Gerard Valdivia Hernandez @gerardvaldivia
Art assistant: Mike Six @mikesx
Edited by: Jordi Estrada @_jordiestrada
Editor assistant: Cristian Ossorio @cristianop5
FX, Collage: Nil Fernandez @nilfernandez
Typography: Mike Six @mikesx / María José Catalán Vargas @marygarlic2000
Color grading: David Avecilla @david_avecilla

Sergio del Prado Agudo @sergi.init
Ricard Rius Herraiz @rivers__z
Christian Ruiz Mejias @chris.supra
Víctor Martínez Hinojosa @lil.deve
Javier Romero Pardo @hyskaal
Adrian Rodriguez Correa @rodricchicoperdido
Julis Briansó @mrjulis
Jaume Castany Gandarillas @jaumcgand
Hakim Fussiane