Press Play: Magic Island – ‘Warm Heaven’

After exploring new creative territories and digging deeper into her music, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Magic Island returns with the powerful single and video for ‘Warm Heaven’. The “honest pop” artist continues her signature weirdness as she weaves her experimental electronic sound and ghostly vocals to create unembellished compositions that instantly strike a nerve. Magic Island tells the story of a jaded soul and an innocent heart; her incessantly addictive tracks embrace the profoundness, tragedy, and magic of the world. The enchanting lyrics of ‘Warm Heaven’ belie the desperate feminine rage that’s compressed into her melodies. The clip captures this feeling perfectly, as Magic Island stands under a single spotlight in an abandoned carpark based in Berlin. Alone, vulnerable and without caring for the consequences, she exclaims, “I wanna take you away, I wanna disappear”.

“Warm Heaven is a very important song to me, it came during a dark depression and just kind of fell out of me. It’s about wanting to get away from reality, the darkness of this world. For all my new videos I’ve been working with a good friend Elena Peters-Arnolds. She’s become kind of my creative partner, we sleep and work and dream together. We came up with the concept for the video since the song is so big we thought the video should be simple, humble. Real and a bit sad lol… i.e. that empty parking lot, the black hoody and sneakers, countered with a powerful performance and some dramatic lighting. There is this abandoned park haus in Neukölln with a beautiful rooftop level.

Freedom Is No Shame X Magic Island for Souvenir Official – Photo by Elena Peters-Arnolds

We convinced the owner to let us have a few parties there in the summer so he gave us the keys to have 24/7 access. He never asked for them back so now it’s kind of our go-to spot for shows, raves and any spatial needs. There are all these fluorescent lights throughout the park haus that are either on 24/7, or movement sensors, or just constantly flickering – it’s a real wild mess up there so we knew we could do some special lighting FX using these fluorescent lights and some rented spots. Sadly the place will be torn down in the next months so we felt we had to make the video there as a kind of last homage to this space and time in our lives.”

Shot by Elena Peters-Arnolds @elenapetersarnolds
Special thanks to Vanessa Loibl, David Vajda, Moritz Freudenberg, Melody Pasanideh, Ryan Rosell and Billy Billfred.