Press Play: N U I T

Electronic art-pop quartet, N U I T, reveal a pair of videos to mark the release of their ‘Looking for Gold’ EP on 16th December 2016. The stunning visuals are presented simultaneously via a unique interactive splash page, allowing the listener to determine their own introduction to the EP by selecting either ‘Gold’ or ‘Horses’. With a penchant for thought-provoking visuals and music that inspires active listening, the Normandy-based group developed a concept focused around experiencing immersive 3D visuals that correspond to the music. Created by Cedric Rolando, both videos delve into a world surrounded by blurred landscapes, golden imagery and an array of unstructured faces. Cedric is obsessed with the concept of ‘Synesthesia’ and expresses images in a way that blurs the line between sound and vision. Using colours, shapes, movements and special effects to represent the phenomenal productions of ‘Looking For Gold’ and ‘Holding Your Horses’, the director explains the approach by saying, “sound is the skeleton, I create the skin”.

Going on to explain how this works for N U I T Rolando breaks down “Hold Your Horses’ as an example, “in the video, the horses gallop is based on both the drums and the bass arpeggio, the beam of the lighthouse shines at the rhythm of a synthesizer, and the lightning in the sky reacts to the high voices…” The interpretation is left entirely free to the spectator, whilst consistently maintaining a bond between the music and the graphics.

The title track to their second EP is set up by pulsating rhythms that tap into the cosmic, retro-lectro sound calling to mind a darker Todd Terje or Chairlift. The quartet also cites Portishead and Suuns among their primary influences, and intentionally crafts their sound in a way that “affects, surprises, and blows you away”. Through songs such as ‘Try Me’, the lyrics tell a story of broken relationships mixed with the imagery of bodies morphing into DNA strands. Once deciphered, the lyrics tell a story we can all relate to; having to lay ourselves bare when we are in love. Formed in 2013, N U I T’s ability to charm their crowds show after show with their whirlwind of sound has seen them perform at staple French Festivals such as Beauregard, Garorock and Les Deferlantes, and have shared a stage with the likes of Chemical Brothers and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Since the release of their debut EP ‘Enjoy the Night’ the band have caught the attention of several major publications including Le Monde, Trax Mag and Tsugi, and have penned deals with Universal and AKA publishing. The release of ‘Looking for Gold’ and it’s inventive and distinctive video concept will see N U I T extend across geographical borders, as their emotionally charged music pushes back the boundaries of contemporary sound and vision.


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