Press Play: Racquet – ‘Artifacts’

Sapphire Jewel makes her debut as Racquet with her new post-rock single ‘Artifacts.’ In this transcendent, atmospheric expression of vulnerability, Sapphire sings about disagreeing love and the desire to make it through, despite all else. With her vivid, colourful lyrics, spacey vocal texture, and tasteful dominance of the electric guitar, she sets the scene for you to sit back, chill, reflect, and fall deep into the movement of the tune.

Formed in Los Angeles, Racquet began as the solo project of Sapphire Jewell (guitar/vocals). Sapphire was born and raised in Seattle, WA and moved to Los Angeles in 2012. She is known for playing in Gypsum, an all female indie band, and performing with other LA based artists such as folk songwriter Rosie Tucker and evoca-pop artist REL. Sapphire wrote and recorded Racquet’s debut EP, Artifacts, between 2016-2017 while completing her undergraduate degree in studio guitar at University of Southern California.