Press Play: RENÉ – ‘I.N.T.O.’

With interest already at large from both the music and fashion industry, RENÉ was met with intrigue and appreciation for her modern and organic approach earlier this year. With follow up single, ‘Voices’ gaining an impressive number of listens, radio play and influential blog features, RENÉ is set to continue her appeal with the release of her captivating new single, ‘I.N.T.O’. Bold and stimulating, ‘I.N.T.O.’ collides dark synths alongside a consuming bassline finished off with RENÉ’s soulful and inimitable vocal. Dynamic and intriguing, the sensual track takes listeners on a sonic journey that weaves and shifts through a multitude of different sounds and emotions.

I.N.T.O. is a celebrating of individuality and self confidence – specifically trying to capture that stage in a relationship or situation when you realise your worth and stop waiting around for others to match or value what you bring to the table. You can’t be the one for everyone and that’s all good.

With a provoking and carefully executed concept, RENÉ is set to continue her allure with the release of the debut visual for ‘I.N.T.O’, a debut EP later this year and a string of visual content which is sure to set her as a rising and noticeable talent of 2017.


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