Press Play: Sextile

Brand new track! Last month brand new LA band Sextile shared their debut track online, gleaning attention from blogs & music sites across the web. Today, with the release of their debut album ‘A Thousand Hands’ set for August 21st via Felte, they share a second cut entitled ‘Flesh’.

Taking their name from an astrological term (not a kinky wall spread), Sextile’s new track continues their venture into the occult with themes of infatuation, desire, the unattainable and the fear of loss. This time, swapping the bubbling synths & screams of frustration for an equally evocative psychobilly direction, hinting at influences from Dick Dale & The Cramps.


Initially living in Brooklyn, guitarist/vocalist Brady Keehn and drummer/vocalist Melissa Scaduto made a jump to Los Angeles on a whim as the financial climate in New York became too much. Within months of being in LA, the two met bassist Kenny Elkin and guitarist/keyboardist Eddie Wuebben. On their debut record, Sextile waste no time setting a sombre tone with openers ‘A Thousand Hands’ and ‘Flesh.’Menacing guitars blend into dark, rumbling synths as driving militaristic drumming leads the focused charge into unforeseen danger.

08.20 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra (Album Release Party)
09.22 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex w/ Chameleons Vox, The Soft Kill