Press Play: Shygirl – ‘SLIME’

Shygirl shares the official video for her new single ‘SLIME’, co-directed by Shygirl and Aidan Zamiri, animated by Maurice Andresen. On her forthcoming ‘ALIAS’ EP, Shygirl examines her own personality traits — toxic or otherwise — and embodies them in their rawest form. Now, we meet each of Shygirl’s four aliases: First up and star of the ‘FREAK’ video is Baddie, a sexually-liberated, nocturnal temptress who is quick with a side-eye. Bae, a blonde with no ambition (she’s already at the top); an embodiment of Shy’s London roots. Classy and aloof it-girl Bovine follows her own brand of spiritualism, while playful nymph Bonk is a party-obsessed aquarian, as vivid and expressive as her ‘out there’ makeup. All four Shygirl aliases come complete with digital avatars styled in their favourite designers, curated by Shy herself. Born of an ethos that all of us are multifaceted, Shygirl’s ‘ALIAS’ EP is a missive on being anything and everything all at once.


Since her earliest releases in 2016, multidisciplinary London artist Shygirl has maintained the same ethos: that people are not two-dimensional. Her search for kindred spirits in the capital’s underground led her to co-founding one of the scene’s most vital collectives, the club label NUXXE. Alongside Sega Bodega and Coucou Chloe, and with releases from Oklou and Brooke Candy, Shygirl — moniker of Blane Muise — shaped the label into a defining force that lived both on the fringes of pop and at the dark heart of club music. Now, in the summer of 2020 and with a repertoire of acclaimed releases, she is poised to release her ‘ALIAS’ EP, a collection of songs that explore every facet of her personality. “It’s her origin story”, explains Muise. “It’s about recognising all of these things in myself and not feeling alienated by them. It’s all me even if I have many aliases”.

Each character on the EP will be realised with the help of 3D modeler Sy Blake. They will all take on their own lives across the campaign imagery and film. “I don’t want to just stick to one medium”, Shygirl explains. “I’m finding different ways to express my mood and my story”. After spending time going through many phases as an artist, Shygirl has arrived at the conclusion that she can be anything and everything at once. “Taking on a name like Shygirl is liberating. I have the freedom to be whatever I want. That’s the whole point: even though you might take on an alias, it’s not a different person. It’s still you”.

‘ALIAS’ is out November 20th with the already sold out vinyl arriving from December 7th via


Feature photo by Hendrik Schneider