Press Play: Teach Me Tiger – ‘Another’s Shoes’

Teach Me Tiger is the meeting between Brazilian Chris Martins and Belgian Yannick Falisse, both settled in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Bringing together analogue and electronic instruments, the duo reunited around free-composition, blending genres and references of both. Their latest dreamy, trip-hop-inspired jam, ‘Another’s Shoes’, follows the metaphor of putting yourself in another person’s position. This concept gave life to the video, self-produced and directed by the band, which brings to the forefront the private vision of their own compositions through moving imagery. A mixture of comfort and discomfort, with poignant statements close to home, are presented in this bittersweet tale typical of the tigers.

‘Another’s Shoes’ is taken from ‘Two Sides’, the first full length from Teach Me Tiger, released by La Femme Qui Roule (2016, October), and produced by Leonardo Marques at Ilha Do Corvo studio. In 2017 Teach Me Tiger received the “Beagá Cool Award” for the city’s coolest initiative. The band is now in pre-production of new work to be released in 2018.

Photo by Raul Sampaio