Press Play: Timsters – ‘I’ve Been Thinking’

Charming electro-pop crooner Timsters shows his softer side in the silky smooth single ‘I’ve Been Thinking’. Nestling nicely between the outlandishness of Bowie and the sensitivity of Prince, Timsters, the monicker of French artist Julien shakes off his country boy image to reveal the decadent icon that we see today. ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ is the opener of Timsters’ upcoming debut EP titled ‘Chapter One’ and is brought to life with a video from Maria Vaiedelich and Cédric Boulanger.

“Everyone has a feminine and masculine side that define who they are,” says Timsters. “I’ve always managed to keep them together, not as opposite feelings but as complete, balanced energy. Through the eyes of artists that influence my personality in many ways, the young boy that I was needed to explore and understand the diversity, the complexity, and the depth of big cities and its rich cultures. That I’ve always fantasized about.”

Coming from a very charming little village lost in the French west coast, Julien couldn’t have been further away from there in the ’90s. With a Manhattan poster stick in front of his bed, he spent his childhood dreaming of the Big Apple and its fledgling pop culture. Upon coming of age, the young Frenchman follow his father path by becoming a truck driver. Driving all alone for hours, days, nights, Julien became sure of one thing: only music could have saved him. His love for the fourth art made him quit his position.

Under the moniker of Timsters, he started his musical journey and was finally free to be himself. Raised by the soundtrack of The Beatles and after few years to collaborate with many talented artists as a producer, the singer-songwriter-producer developed his own pop songwriting together with a Lynch-esque touch.

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