A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art Direction and Fashion styling by Cyrine Dufaux. Photography by Mariana Matamoros. Models are Nathalia & Gloria. Set design by Chloé Simoes. Makeup and hair by Carla Lange.

Collar : L’indien Paris Hands cuffs : Zana Bayne Dress : Yie Kim

A reflection of inner insecurity, mental illnesses such as bipolarity depression or schizophrenia. In an era in which, people are locked and separated from each other. The decadence of a whole generation.

Dress : Drome
Belt: Zana Bayne Shoes : Ugg
All clothes : Untitled_19 Shoes : Untitled_19
Dress & shoes : Raphaël Delacroix Harness : Stylist’s own
Body : Raphaël Delacroix Gloves : Untitled_19 Chaps : Untitled_19 Harness : UY Studio

Hats : Kaikôrero

All clothes : Arturo Obegero Belt : Sandrine Philippe
All clothes : Sandrine Philippe

Shirt : Oteyza
Corset belt : Zana Bayne
All clothes : Sandrine Philippe
Top : Lou de Bètoly
Faux fur collar : Sandrine Philippe
Gloves : Arturo Obegero

All clothes : Raphaël Delacroix Teddy bears : Sandrine Philippe Nathalia’s shoes : Ugg
Gloria’s belt : Zana Bayne

Art Direction and Fashion styling by Cyrine Dufaux @Cyrine_dfx
Photography: Mariana Matamoros
MUAH: Carla Lange @carla.andrea.lange
Assistant: Evan Theophile @bouhyachaka
Models: Nathalia & Gloria @princessursa @gloria_avril
Set design by Chloé Simoes @chloesimoes_

Brands: @sandrinephilippe_sp @drome_official @raphaeldelacroix @zanabayne @loudebetoly @ugg
@untitled_19 @oteyza_official @yiekimofficial @arturoobegero @kaikorero_official