Projected Nature! Photography by Noli Provoste

Sweater by Londress Wendy Pozo

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Styling by Enzo Santi. Model is Germán Fontanini signed to Division Models Chile. Make up by Marcelo Bhanu. Art Direction by Francisco Reyes. Fashion by Topman, Eduardo Galleguillos, Aldo, Londress Wendy Pozo just to name a few.

Trousers by Nostalgic
Blazer by Topman
Shoes By Eduardo Galleguillos

Gloves by H&M
Coverall by Londress Wendy Poz
Shoes by Dr. Martens

Shirt by VanHeusen
Balzer by Londress Wendy Pozo

Sunglasses by Retrovision
Coat by Mango

Shirt by H&M
Coat by Londress Wendy Pozo
Trousers by Claudio Paredes

Sweater by Londress Wendy Pozo

Trousers by Claudio Paredes
Shoes by Aldo

Shirts by Blue Orange and Londress Wendy Pozo
Underwear by Tommy Hilfiger

Photography by Noli Provoste /
Styling by Enzo Santi /
Make up by Marcelo Bhanu /
Art Direction by Francisco Reyes /
Model is Germán Fontanini – Division Models Chile / Instagram: /

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