A KALTBLUT exclusive male model feature. Photographer Jacobo Ríos captured Zeque Bianchin for “Propuesta”.

Name: Zeque Bianchini
Age: 26 years
Nationality: Argentinian, I live in the word

“Hi, I’m Zeque, an Argentine actor and model, who is travelling and exploring the world. Today I have to take a break in Mexico, connected to the countryside and nature! I am very happy when I connect with the mountains, the air and the sun when I get in tune with nature and my body experienced the great sea pleasure of pleasures, being in the present. They are moments of reflection, moments of introspection and I think everyone should take advantage of this pause to feed their spirit! Feel the kindred of this moment, explore the confinement and find in learning. I wish you all an eternal spring within each one.”

Photographer: @jacoborios
Agencies: @privemodelmgmt @paragonmodelm
Model: @zequebianchini