Prototypes Present Series05: Merging Craftsmanship and Conceptual Fashion

After spending some time in the sunny city of Los Angeles, the Swiss-based design collective, Prototypes, returns to the Parisian runway to showcase their highly anticipated Series05 show. Their formula remains unchanged, yet incredibly unique – rooted in the principles of upcycling and repurposing, Prototypes continuously push the boundaries of high fashion.

In Series05, Prototypes merge craftsmanship with a strong conceptual focus, delving into the aesthetic potential of subcultural and professional dress codes, such as the e-girl, the hooligan, and the power-dressing PR representative. The result is a playful remix of modern archetypes, beautifully redefining what it means to be fashionable in contemporary times.

Prototypes’ Series05 show tells a story of preservation in technique and spirit – the brand rescues not only vintage garments but also conserves a range of actors of the now. And this year, Prototypes takes it to the next level, as senior design partners of Yee, they contribute 5 unique looks to the collection, crafted entirely from Yeezy’s deadstock garments.

It’s no wonder that Callum Pidgeon and Laura Beham, the former designer at Vetements during Demna’s era, founded Prototypes in 2021, and have taken on major roles at Zeezy. Callum has been named Design Director for the Menswear division while Laura will lead as Design Director for Womenswear.

Prototypes is more than just an upcycling brand; it’s a fashion movement that continuously strives to push the limits of creativity, innovation, and sustainability.