Prove Me Wrong by Claudia Greco

Claudia Greco is a dancer and freelance photographer based in Berlin. She photographs people, catching characters who come across her way and gives them a new landscape, an unusual colour palette to play with and paint a new layer of their personality.

The model for the series is Dancer Michael Fernandez, the location of the shooting is the rehearsals room from Komische Oper in Berlin. This series is a part of a larger project of mine involving dancers and inspired by theatre world and backstage beauty.

“PRove Me WRong” is part of this experiment.
“PRove Me WRong”
“Look at me now…
I have walked those corridors before
I have known those rooms and mourned the empty spots.
I have put on those clothes before
I have walked
I have waited
I have spoken and I have held my breath
I have owned and I have let go.
You have liked looking at me once before.
you have owned you have let go.
Prove me Wrong”


Concept /styling /photography by Claudia Greco
Instagram: @claudiagrecophotography
Model is Michael Fernandez Instagram: @callmefernandez
Garments courtesy Salon K Instagram: @salonkexperience