PU TIANQU Spring/Summer 2019

#OneToWatch from ModaLisboa – SANGUE NOVO! Pu Tianqu was born in 1994 in ZhangJiaGang, China, and is currently based in Milan, Italy. He graduated from Istituto Secoli, in Milan, with a master’s degree in menswear patternmaking & tailoring, where he gained professional knowledge of patternmaking both by hand and CAD, sewing technology. Before switching to menswear, he did a three year course in womenswear design at Istituto Marangoni. His final assignment “OFFICE BOY” at Instituto Secoli was selected to present at FashionClash Festival in Maastricht, The Netherlands. His work has been featured in Kaltbult magazine, Fucking Young magazine, Lineapelle trend book, etc. 

The Collection

“The sense of humor and humiliation present on Erwin Wurm’s sculpture, makes me question how we behave and who we really are. Society forces us to follow a set of rules, some of which are inevitably against our desires. We all look for freedom but not everyone is proud of challenging the rules. Is there a solution to balance reality and personal willingness? This collection is a personal exploration of the question.”

“While thinking about the question, I read an interview about baby fetish. Involuntarily, I imagined myself as for one of interviewees and thought about how would the relationship be between the interviewees and the society. Their serious and reliable looking faces reminded me of my mom’s colleagues at the financial office. I wondered what could be inside the wardrobe of the employees that are adult babies and what would they wish to wear at work.I got inspired by their interests, work environment and work content.

The whole research is based on a fictional young professional new at his job. He is an adult baby. He probably works in a finance department. Struggling to hide his nature or being himself at the office. Is main duty is to calculate figures and make charts. Generally I hate charts, but surprisingly I found myself attracted to various graphics on charts. All prints in the collection are inspired by these graphics.”

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Photos: Ugo Camera


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