PULP, a storytelling by Hippolyte

Hippolyte is a young French artist based in Berlin. He has been living in London for the past four years, and recently decided to moved here. Hippolyte moved away from France at eighteen and has been moving around since. He just always loved cities, the fact that you never find what you came for and and the opportunity to start from the bottom.  

“Photography really started there (London) for me, that is when I started to mess around with analogue, started making series and focusing on the photo book medium. South East London has been for me a very important place where I met many inspiring people. Most of my friends were making music and I noticed after a while that photography was similar in many ways. I have been trying to transcribe what was going on musically around me, the scene my friends and I are into. I felt that I could find a dynamic and punchy way to capture what was around me and how I experienced in the city.”


Instagram: @hippolytemoulun