Quarantune Rebrands as NYXXX

Lockdown project and photobook Quarantune rebrands as a new event series and editorial platform called NYXXX. The first event takes place at FOLD, London on 14th May with Etapp Kyle, Marie Montexier, MarcelDune and Niamh announced so far, while editorial features with emerging and established artists drop weekly.

The new online magazine, event series and monthly radio show on Threads is headed up by Irish DJ and journalist Niamh O’Connor. Born off the back of the platform Quarantune—a blog that celebrated photographic memories from the dancefloor while clubs remained closed—NYXXX is Niamh’s next idea to bring different artists and cultures together. While editorial features focus on the musical heritage of artists worldwide and their local scene, NYXXX events are about supporting and showcasing artists who are making dance music—particularly techno—a more fun, colourful and inclusive environment.

Through NYXXX parties at FOLD, I hope to bring artists and ravers together to blend different musical styles. I’ve met some incredible (and sometimes underrated) DJs and producers over the last few years, so I am just BUZZING to invite them to FOLD and the colourful world of NYXXX. These parties are about building a community and working with artists who are genuinely fantastic humans with a magical presence both on and off the dancefloor. Each event will celebrate them for a night of freedom, fun, and unity, which is precious in the current climate.

– Niamh O’Connor