Queens of Athens by Anna Papanikolaou

Anna Papanikolaou is a photographer based in Athens, Greece and has been expressing her ideologies and aesthetics through photography, since she was 15 years old. Queens Of Athens is an on going project. It aims to explore through photography and video, the queens of Athens and the way they are treated socially. It aims to learn about their lives,their beauty and their talent. In this way we hope to break the stereotypes of this country and prove to all who see it that drag is a form of expression, painting, theatre, fashion and the mirror of a culture, that, like any other, it has history and character.

Photographer is Anna Papanikolaou
Instagram: @annana.u

Models are Mimis
Instagram: @mim.is
Instagram: @edelxeathia
Instagram: @reject_001
Instagram: @terpsichorree
Instagram: @parnasisths