Quo ruit, et lethum by Andriana Tuesday

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Andriana Tuesday. Models are Matteo Paglierani and Pierluigi De Martino. Styling by Simone Folli. Make-up by Luca Pieretti and Maya Tinti. Brands are Seyit Ares, Calzedonia.

Creative Director / Photography by Andriana Tuesday / Instagram: @andriana_tuesday
Models are Matteo Paglierani / Instagram: @paglierani_matteo
and Pierluigi De Martino / Instagram: @pierdem
Styling by Simone Folli / Instagram: @simonefollistylist
Make-up by Luca Pieretti / Instagram: @lucapieretti_mua
Maya Tinti / Instagram: @mayatintimua @habibibaby_
Brands are Seyit Ares, Calzedonia.