Raised among Noble Maidens

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Olga Mordanova. This story shows two boys who were raised among  Maidens, it depicts how they became  different when they grew up and how their life has changed since that time. Styled by  Vika Koroleva. Mua by Tatiana Hrolenko. Models are Arslan Khazhiev and Artem Novikov.

Photography by Olga Mordanova. Instagram @olgaphoto4u
Retoucher by Anna Simanchuk Instagram @as_retoucher
Styled by  Vika Koroleva. Instagram @koroleva__fashion
Mua by Tatiana Hrolenko. Instagram @hrolenko.tatyana
Model dark haired  Arslan Khazhiev. Instagram @arslan1910
Model fair haired Artem Novikov. Instagram @novmod

Arslan: Blouse Vintage , Scarf TatianaOnegina, Cross Marisofi Jewel4you
Artem: Blouse Voyeurist
Hat Lilia Fisher, jewellery Marisofi Jewel4you, Red shirt by Roma Uvarov Nobagency,
Green Blouse Odor Atelierodor
Black blouse by Roma Uvarov, chain Marisofi Jewel4you
Cloak Katysheva, Crown Lilia Fisher, jewellery Marisofi
Jacket Roma Uvarov Hat Lilia Fisher, flowers handmade