Rakans’s Exclusive mix for the up coming Rawmantique

Dresden! Don’t miss out the next Rawmantique party on February 15th. And for this occasion we have an exclusive mix by the creator of Rawmantique, RAKANS. Rakan Solomon, AKA Rakans,  is a Palestinian DJ and a Resident in Dresden for almost 3 years.
 He often plays live sets which makes it more flexible for him to play harsh tunes and melodic synths that are Techno based. Rakans also enjoy using his Vocal machine to bring an oriental vocal touch into his sets to bring to the front his Oriental roots and background.

” My experiences and journey in life has led me to creating a Safe Space not only for myself, also for the young, thirsty, marginalised and misunderstood Queer individuals also taking in consideration other crowds to bring harmony and tolerance under one roof. What began as a thought 4 Months ago had now become a reality under the name of Rawmantique.

This platform offers a feeling of familiarity and love. It’s a home not only for those who crave good music but also who seek to prosper and connect socially and individually. Rawmantique’s heart is Queer and full of love to everyone who seek to belong and feel home. We aim to create a Free of Judgement atmosphere which means we aspire to bring safety, peace, harmony to our floors because under our roof we are all the same. Also, we believe that it is our mission to bring awareness to certain topics that are considered “Taboos” such as drugs in connection with awareness teams, sexuality and sexual behaviours, nudity in the club culture, sex positivity and other topics There is so much one can talk about like “change” and the “exchange of cultures” but hard work to realising all of this is the challenge itself. Rawmantique only hopes for the best.”


The Lady Machine ( Pornceptual, BLN )
Luigi Di Venere ( Cocktail d’Amore Berlin, BLN )

Kirill Shapovalov ( Popoff Kitchen, RU )
Andre Fau ( TrashEra, BLN )

David Jach ( Get Physical | Moon Harbour | Upon.You, DD )
↬ Albrecht Wassersleben ( Uncanny Valley I objekt klein a, DD )

Rakans ( Rawmantique, DD )
Anachronism ( Rawmantique, DD )
Navigate ( Rawmantique, DD )

Franssen ( Konnektivmusik, DD )
Malena ( Konnektivmusik, DD )
Ræv ( made of CONCRETE, DD )
Xynia ( Syn.thie.Verrückt Motion, TBA Club

WHAT? Rawmantique
WHERE? Sektor Evolution, An der Eisenbahn 2, 01099 Dresden, Germany
WHEN? 15 Feb at 23:00 – 16 Feb at 12:00


Rawmantique on Soundcloud
Rawmantique on Facebook
Instagram: @rawmantique

Rakans on Soundcloud
Rakans on Facebook
Instagram: @rakanscom