Video Premiere: Ran Nir – I Am With You

After a musical career with Asaf Avidan & The Mojos, and as LFNT Ran Nir released his debut album last year, which is now followed up by a new single.

I Am With You is a “Dance-Folk” song, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Ran Nir in his Berlin home studio with the COVID-19 situation looming above us all. I Am With You is about many things, it is us all looking for meaning, it is an old man or woman failing to understand today’s youth, it is every pop song we love to hate and hate to love, it is the mixture of all of us, alone, but so together in this happy mess, we call life. / Webpage /

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“Since I surprised myself making this song I figured why not try to also make a video in the middle of this pandemic where we are all closed in our houses, and while I am at it why not give my mother the spotlight (instead of some professional dancers or actors), since she and my father are anyway stuck at home and I know she loves to dance, and since she is in Israel and I am in Germany why not send a camera guy to her to film her (with social distancing) and then do the same here in Berlin and that way we can both be with each other, dancing & truly celebrating the song lyrics I Am With You! Sorry, I couldn’t make it to Israel for a visit Mom, all flights were cancelled. Love you.”

Feel free to make your own version with your loved ones and use the hashtag #IAmWithYou

Directed and edited by Ran Nir
Filmed by Boaz Arad & Ophir Ben-Shimon
Featuring my mother Orly Nir and Myself
Special thanks to Micha Kaplan & My Roman Fagerlind

Photo by By Boaz Arad