A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Jesse Clark. Photography by Tristan Kallas. Body painting by Malina Stearns. “‘Reanimation’ was born out of a desire to make room for joy in my life. After the initial shock of the COVID pandemic, I needed to reorient myself to a place of fantasy that I could explore during my social isolation. The art of makeup transformation, drag and portraiture has always given me the opportunity to do just that. Once I allowed myself that space, these visions of playfulness, glamor, and psychedelia materialized.”

Photography by Tristan Kallas / / Instagram: @tristankallas
Model is Jesse Clark / / Instagram:
Make up by Jesse Clark / / Instagram:
Creative direction by Jesse Clark / / Instagram:
Body painting by Malina Stearns / Instagram: @worshipmina

Fashion Brands used are:
Didu @didu_official/ Venus Prototype @xvenusprototypex / Jean Paul Gaultier @jeanpaulgaultier / Homme Boy @hommeboyco / Poche @poche_studio / Genevieve Belleveau @gorgeoustaps / Busted Brand @bustedbrand / Nunchi @eatnunchi