Rebekka Ruétz A/W 2022 rewritten_IDENTITY

The new fall/winter 2022 collection by Rebekka Ruétz celebrates the transformation of femininity. The notion of what is pretty or sexy is changing, making a place for the emancipated, comfortable and confident.

Modern women strive for a more self-confident, new view of femininity and sensuality. Relaxed confidence where feminine power can come from both softness and strength. It‘s about understanding femininity in a more pluralistic way, where the established and the emerging, the traditional and the modern, the feminine and the masculine can coexist and merge.

Inspired by Syoss‘ emancipated colour palette, which can be found in the specially made fabric prints, a modern and unique collection has emerged. In the garments, we find images of quirky hair prints and bold colours. Soft, comfortable materials are used for loose-fitting clothing that moves with the body. Asymmetric cuts with different silhouettes and ruffles are used to create volume and shape. Materials such as fine cotton, wool, transparent lace, vegan leather and soft padded prints make it easy to feel comfortable. Dresses are simple and relaxed in style; Trenchcoats are loose-fitting; Skirts are worn with asymmetrical blouses or tops.

The colour palette ranges from various shades of Nude, Off-white, Roasted Pecan, Coral Gold and Lavender Crystal, Pompeian Red and Akzentrot to Nachtblau and Lackschwarz, interspersed with piercing accents of vibrant Wandgelb, brökelndem Pink and old Schwimmbeckenblau.

The label Rebekka Ruetz is known for extreme and remarkable creations and the efficiency to combine exceptional materials. In her collection, she creates fashion for the modern Amazon.

Rebekka Ruetz was born in 1984 in Austria and finished her studies as Best- Graduate and Cognos Relevance Award winner at AMD Munich in 2008. She gained inspiration and experience during her studies in India and her work for PETER PILOTTO. Thereupon she founded her very own fashion label in 2009. In 2013 she won the Best Newcomer Award presented by STEFFL. Since 2011, the designer has been showing her latest collection twice a year as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.