A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Juan Pablo Alvarez. Styling by Guadalupe Yapura. Models Alexis Galvez & Cósima at Agency Ceres Management. Makeup & hair by Violeta Murphy.


“Rebirth is a project of upcycling inspired by the Argentine Patagonia, our birthplace. A paradise of arid steppes, meadows, and deserts, which has fed our imagination and our free, wild, and natural spirit, motivating our desire to protect the planet.

We ‘Rebirth’ unused garments, those which took part of us in previous stages of our lives, full of stories and nostalgia, and transform them into unique pieces, originating new stories. Starting a new way of consuming clothing, as a solution to fast-fashion.

We intend to construct singularities and to break away from uniformed life. Our Patagonic spirit takes deconstruction and sportswear as the main line of our design; they are our compass to explore new senses and to inhabit the space.

We make pieces that represent that freedom, pieces that can speak for themselves on the outside while empowering on the inside.

We are sure that in order to reach it, we need more creativity, and to rethink the existing elements. We must get involved with our own hands, in order to contribute to a kind of fashion which is more friendly with the planet and with ourselves.” Guadalupe Yapura.

Photography by Juan Pablo Alvarez / Instagram: @juanpablo.alvar
Styling by Guadalupe Yapura / Instagram: @guardaguada
Models Alexis Galvez / Instagram: @ale_gaalvez & Cósima / Instagram: @cosimafricke at Agency Ceres Management / Instagram: @ceres_management
Makeup & hair by Violeta Murphy / Instagram: @_violetamurphy
Assistant Styling by Marina Fa / Instagram: @____pip

Brand: Rebirth / @rebirth______  Sneakers: Adidas, Converse

“I’m a Chilean photographer based in Buenos Aires. My interests in photography are constantly changing, as I think I am constantly changing too. Now I am more interested in things that we do not see every day, I want to move away from the conventional and hegemonical, and try to approach the odd and unique, the “new beauty”.” *Juan Pablo Alvarez.