Reconquista de poder

KALTBLUT presents Reconquista de poder. A Performance by Elena Sohmen. “This performance is based on a critique of the hegemonic power structures, symbolised by the rich white man and his monuments that fill our cities. In particular, this time my objective was the Plaza Mayor in Madrid and its equestrian sculpture of King Felipe III. Coming from my feminist imaginary, I want to conquer the power that has always been given to men, since women have always been the complement of the powerful man.”

“The performance is made up of: Paula (who is representing the horse), four boys (who are our carriers and carry us on the platform) and me (the one who conquers the power). The performance begins with Paula and me, walking through the streets to the Plaza Mayor. During that walk we have the sensation of a walk of shame. We are receiving glances of disgust, sexualizing comments from men and some encouragement from women. When we arrive at the square we meet our carriers, who will carry on their shoulders the structure on which we will take the power. They take us all across Plaza Mayor, until we reach the sculpture of King Felipe III, where I, mounted on the structure which is supported by four men and on my horse, face the figure of Felipe III and raise my bouquet of lilies, as a symbol of conquering the power and claiming a feminist power.
In this work I have taken great care of all the elements that make up the performance. I have made purple the predominant color. We build the structure on which we are ported from scratch. I also have cooperated with emerging talents, such as Luca de Tena, who is the designer of the dress that I wear. The entire work represents a vision of the culture of hegemonic power but reviewed by a woman and adopted to our time.”

Performance by Elena Sohmen / Instagram: @666fail @666studio_
Performers are Paula Robles Alejo / Instagram:
Elena Sohmen / Instagram: @666fail @666studio_


Levi Jimenez Rufes/ / Instagram: @levichul0
Diego Cayetano Gomez/ Instagram: @diiegotheg
Diego Duran/ Instagram: @diegoduran_96
Miguel Fernandez Martín/ Instagram: @emperadorzurg

Elena’s Make-up by Celia Banares / Instagram: @ahimsaa___
Paula’s Make-up by Hugo Trix / Instagram: @hugo.trixx
Carriers Make_up by Juan del Rey / Instagram: @juandxlrey
Hair by Celia Banare / Instagram: @@ahimsaa___

Stylists are
Elena Sohmen/ Instagram: @666fail @666studio_
Alex Sobron/ / Instagram: @axlsobron
Paula’s look designed by Alex Sobron/ / Instagram: @axlsobron
and made by Paula Robles Alejo/ Instagram:

Photographer is Sara Miguel/ Instagram: @saraxnz

Video by
Sara Miguel/ Instagram: @saraxnz
Gemma Prunés/ Instagram: @gemmahostia
Elena Sohmen/ Instagram: @666fail @666studio_
Miguel Abad Manning/ Instagram: @miguelabadmanning

Photo edition by Sara Miguel/ Instagram: @saraxnz
Video edition by Elena Sohmen/ Instagram: @666fail @666studio_

Structure handmaid by
Levi Jimenez Rufes/ / Instagram: @levichul0
Elena Sohmen/ Instagram: @666fail @666studio_

Brand used is: Luca de Tena