A project by Pleun van Dijk. Photos by Nahmlos. Commissioned by Roskilde Festival, Denmark, July 2018. With her eyes wide open Pleun is a young multidisciplinary artist/designer in the middle of the moving and changing world. By observing and analyzing moments of transition within society she tries to create new thoughts and show a different perspective on a topic. By taking new ideas out of the abstract and giving shape to a possible outcome she wants to give the viewer the possibility to anticipate on the new developments before they sneak up on us.


Welcome to the body lab.
A place to leave the past and build the future.
Visitors will be confronted with two performers who will continuously repeat the same movements

while working on the human production-line. Starting from the familiair shape of a baby, the creations will transform evolution into a new reality. What we define as indisputable will slowly deform into a series of undefined, unfamiliar shapes. Within the performance the possibilities as well as the impossibilities of becoming the creators of our own being will be staged.
Facing this production-line will not only be a transition towards a speculative future scenario but also confronts the viewer with questions. What are we? What have we been so far? And what will we ultimately become?

Project by: Pleun van Dijk

Photo credits: Nahmlos
Co-performer: Hannah van Luttervelt          
Outfit design: collaboration with Fred Erik

Commissioned by Roskilde Festival, Denmark, July 2018

Replika – outfits