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Reshaping the future of photography: Der Greif x Quantum – First Curated NFT Drop

The online show can be viewed from Thursday, March 24th. Quantum is one of the catalysts in the current photography boom and offers photo NFTs, making it easier and more direct for artists to offer and sell their work. Der Greif is a photo institution from Munich that has been curating online shows long before the corona pandemic.

Two years (and counting) of Covid and quarantine has allowed us to reevaluate the contours of our lives; where and with whom we live, what institutional systems do or don’t work for us, what we keep and what we discard, both materially and psychologically. Shaking off what was, and embracing what will be, is necessary.

Quantum Art curators Kris Graves and Roula Seikaly collaborated with the online photography platform Der Greif on a Guest Room open call exhibition. Collections by three artists – Marcin Jozefiak, Julia Kafizova, and Margaret Murphy – were selected for TMRW, a single curated drop of images that imagine what an uncertain future may look like.

Fearless-Flowers.-NOT-FOR-EVERYONE vol. 2-4 Hyunkyung in Seoul

The Artist

TMRW (Tomorrow), a collaboration between Quantum Art and the online photography platform Der Greif, comprises work by three artists whose work visualizes what an uncertain future may look like.