A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial and film. Photography by Youssef Hatem. Project Coordinator, Art direction and Styling by Souma Endisha. A film by Omar Zaki. Makeup by Habiba Kasrawy. Drone Photography by Gendy. Roof Art by Ahmed Fathy.

“Located in the heart of Cairo, this editorial boasts some of Egypt’s most buzz-worthy brands as they attempt to set a new standard for the fashion, art and music scene. We shed light on the emerging creative youth demographic, and the transition in our way of communication through art, as well as the pasts, influence on the present. The revival series steps into a youthful and eccentric model of modern fashion, giving our local creatives the chance to blaze their own trail. Our vision is a rebirth in culture. A work of art. A focus on revolutionizing a city…a Revival.”

Photography by Youssef Hatem / Instagram: @jjyoussefhatemjj
Andy Al Mowafy / @Thesemivampduck
Alfred Alex / @alfred._.alex
Abdelfattah ahmed @abdelfattah_ahmed22
Basem Ismail / @basemismail
Fatima Ashraf / @fatimaashraff
Karlin Carlo / @its_karlin
Laila Abdel Karim / @lailaabdelkerim
Mahmoud Hassan / @mahmoud.hassan.official
Mohamed Ayman / @therealmuaymaan
Mayada Kamal / @myada_993
Nour Rehan / @nourrehan
Omar Hany Badr / @omarhanybadr
Souma Endisha / @soumae
Sandreen Swedan / @sundream.beam
Zeina Tohamy / @ztohamy

Makeup by Habiba Kasrawy / Instagram: @habibakasrawymua
Project Coordinator, Art direction and Styling by Souma Endisha / Instagram:
Film by Omar Zaki / Instagram: @ozatuba
Drone Photography by Gendy / Instagram: @lookmeinthelens
Roof Art by Ahmed Fathy / Instagram: @elna2ash

Souma /
Respawn / @respawn_official
Neshow /
CHL Maison Leon / @chl_maisonleon
Ensan /
FERF / @ferfofficial
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Kult Kairo / @kultkairo
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