RIAD by Bell Soto

A KALTBLUT exclusive performance film by Bell Soto. Starring Riad Azar. “Since I was a kid dancing was my first love. It was a form of self-expression and Emotional release for a teenager who felt different growing up in Aleppo, Syria. dancing in my room to madonna and George Michael gave me instant joy.”

“My city did not have a dance school, I practised on my own, dreaming of becoming a professional dancer. When I moved to New York I was 26 years old and I heard about Steps on broadway! the famous dance school.

I made a visit to find out what kind of dance style that I like the receptionist was very sweet and told me  “walk through the rooms and let me know which room you feel connected to your dance the most”. On that day I found out it was modern dance. I found the room, I stopped and watched the dancers doing their thing and I still remember the song was “stars all seem to weep” by Beth Orton it was out of body experience as the adrenaline rushed through my veins. I felt every move and emotion that they were feeling thought about joining in but back then I needed to find work and focus on my career as a hairstylist.

I end up not going back but still remember that feeling watching the dancers doing their thing.
through the years I always danced in my apt or when I’m out in the clubs and it’s such a way to connect to people like u speak the same language.

Frozen by Madonna was one of my fave songs to dance on it has a mystical soul that you have to be connected to your inner self to be able to dance on it here I am at 47yo 21 years later finally had the chance and courage to do it and share it with the world not because I’m trying to pursue a dancing career but because I owe it to myself, it’s a liberating thing to do. Thanks to My Dear ultra-talented friend Bell Soto for making this a reality and collaborating with me not only shooting but editing the video to perfection. The message of this story is :
If you have something that you always wanted to do you have to do it, Dont wait!” *Riad Azar

a film by Bell Soto www.instagram.com/bellsoto
Starring Riad Azar www.instagram.com/riadazar9