Room 7 by Claudia Greco

Claudia Greco is a Berlin-based dancer and self-taught photographer. Inspired by the sparkling stage lights and the dramatic shadows of the backstage area, she’s interested in aesthetics and in the dynamics of theater and cinematography. For her new project “Room 7”, Greco worked with model Pablo Von Sternenfels.

” When we close the door behind us and find our self in a new place, unfamiliar yet so conventional to be expected… When at the end of our trip we enter the next hotel room?
You stare at that space… Another wallpaper, another shade of the carpet floor… You lay down on the bed, the sheets smell so typically and you don’t even bother to take your shoes off anymore. You scan the room, the walls, the arrangement of the basic pieces of furniture that will provide your comfort… The tv set, the desk, the random painting hanging over your head… The light coming through the window it’s what changes everything… It’s what determines your mood. The light decides. Is it going to be sad and melancholic? Is it going to be authentic, romantic or bohème? Am I going to cry tonight or am I going to write a poem sitting on that desk while a light summer breeze passes through the green curtains, with a red wine stain still on my lips? “

Photography & Art direction by
Claudia Greco
Instagram: @claudiagrecophotography
Model is 
Pablo Von Sternenfels