Rough Edges by Veronika Bures

Veronika Bures is a design student based in Munich, Germany. This editorial shows some special characters and their „rough edges“. Veronika picked 8 different persons and her intention was to highlight their characteristics and to stay authentic. Models are Marina M.(agency: Ps Model Management), Carla V., Julian K., Anna L., Anne L. (agency: Cocaine Models), Niklas Z. (agency: Good Guys), Khrista K. and Luba L.

kaltblut2_mini kaltblut3_mini kaltblut4_mini kaltblut5_mini kaltblut6_mini kaltblut7_mini kaltblut8_mini kaltblut9_mini

Photography by Veronika Bures / / Instagram: @vburesphotography

Models are
Carla V. Instagram: @catze_
Anne L. Instagram: @annelng___
Niklas Z. Instagram: @niklas_zo_
Luba L.
Khrista K. Instagram: @leokhris