Rough It Up – Print Issue Launch powered by Mumm Sekt

Last Saturday KALTBLUT invited friends, press, bloggers and artists to celebrate with us the launch of our new print issue ROUGH IT UP. The new magazine hit the stores on Friday around the world. We wanna say thanks to our friends and family for the massive support. Special thanks also to Mumm Sekt for the drinks. DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM gallery for having us at their amazing art space. All photos by Joaquim Kiko Dionisio

Banners_Shop_RameROUGH IT UP! 120 Pages – ready to order for now 6,50Euro, 6GBP, 9USD! Featuring artists like Peaches, Ebony Bones, Esther Perbandt, Jeff Miles, Ari Versluis,Troy Roy, Sui Zhen, Paul Waak, Archi Fitzgerald, Prodomos Emmanouilids, Petros Koublis. Plus fashion editorials, interviews, new rubrics, essay and more. Special thanks to Ana Alcazar for the support!

Get your print in our online store: HERE 6,50Euro, 6,00GBP, 9,00USD plus 2,00Euro shipping Germany, 4,00Euro shipping worldwide

PDF Download: HERE – 3,50 Euro – KALTBLUT App: HERE – We also have a new stores in London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Portugal, Denmark, Norway and so on. Have a look HERE

Arne Eberle
Anita Krizanovic
Franco Erre and Lucio Aru
Suzana Holtgrave and Bernhard Musil
Marcel, Rolf Scheider and Nicolas
629A1857 alias Marlen Stahlhuth
Nicola Phillips – KALTBLUT Music editor
Nico Sutor
Designer Tomaszewski Dawid and Anita
Amy Heaton from Impossible Project
Designer and model Patrick Maison
Hair and make up artist Timo Bloom

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Friedericke Suckert - KALTBLUT Movie Editor
Friedericke Suckert – KALTBLUT Movie Editor


Photos by Marcel and Joaquim Kiko Dionisio
Get the print issue : HERE
Special thx to Mumm Sekt and DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM and ana alcazar