S/He! Photography by Cristina Moro

A KALTBLUT exclusive. S/He is a collaboration between Mireia Almonacid and Cristina Moro, two Barcelona based fashion designers. Mireia, who has a jewelry line, graduated from her Fashion Degree and decided to team up with Cristina, also a fashion designer and photographer founder of a unisex brand called Anitsir. The editorial, shot by Cristina, is about Mireia Almonacid’s latest project named S/He, a womenswear capsule collection made of 5 looks.

S/He reflects how there are no specific behaviors or characteristics that are associated with Female, Male, Genders. Given this fact, it creates a new identity that expresses itself through the trousers, an element that has been long taken as a reflection of female repression and has become a symbol that conveys its power.

Mixing traditional fashion masculine and feminine codes, it creates an aesthetic that reflects a kind of neutrality were the biologically assigned gender isn’t relevant and shows how to construct our own identity based on our deepest emotions.


Photography by Cristina Moro / www.anitsir.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/byanitsir

Model is Anna Andreví / Instagram: www.instagram.com/annaandrevi

Fashion design by Mireia Almonacid / Instagram: www.instagram.com/pardobymireiapardo

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