Sail Ahoy! Photography by Nicola Favaron

Trousers and Belt by Sohyeon Park, and Rings are Vintage

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Nicola Favaron. Styling by Rebecka Noejdh. Models are Chad, Mike, Darren, Bud, Aiden, Charlie and Matthew. Make-up & Hair by Sara Exall and Ro Tagliarini. Fashion by ASOS, Ester Kubisz, Tiger Of Sweden, Base London, Converse amongst others.

Hat by ASOS and Necklace by Alexandra Afanasyeva

Pirate eye by Mad World

Rings are vintage

Hat by Mad World

Jacket by Ester Kubisz, Shoes by Base London and Rings are Vintage

Corset by Coco Mer, Trousers by Beau Homme, Necklace by Maria Ivanescu Cotuna and Shoes by Base London

Blazer by Shur Ruitz, Trousers by Sohyeon Park, Hat by Mad World and Shoes by Base London

Hat by Mad World and Top by Alvin Lam

Trousers by Ester Kubisz

Blazer by Ester Kubisz and Trousers by Tiger of Sweden

Collar by ASOS, Shorts by Ester Kubisz and Ring are Vintage

From top left to right: Mike wearing Trousers by Tiger of Sweden. Darren wearing Jacket by Ester Kubisz. Aiden wearing Shorts by Ester Kubisz. Charlie wearing Hat by Mad World. Chad wearing Trousers by Ester Kubisz. Matthew wearing Jacket by Drifters LDN, Scarf by Mad World, Socks by H&M and Shoes by DR Martens. Bud wearing Shorts by Ester Kubisz, Rings are vintage.

Photography by Nicola Favaron / / Instagram: @nicolafavaron

Styling by Rebecka Noejdh / / Instagram: @rebeckanojdh_stylist

Make-up & Hair by Sara Exall / / Instagram: @saraexall and Ro Tagliarini / Instagram: roxtaglia /

Models are Chad / Instagram: @w0lfxsheep /

/ Mike / Instagram: mike.shanti / / Darren / Instagram: dclxvilucifer / / Bud signed at IMM models / Instagram: @bud_brennan_williams / / Aidan signed at IMM models / Instagram: @aidanbrennanwilliams / / Charlie signed at profile models / Instagram: @joncharles101 / / Matthew signed at Named models /

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