Saints and Sinners by Anna Pluskota

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial by Anna Pluskota. A professional freelance photographer specialising in fashion, based in London. Models are Billie Dellios and Jules Jessica signed at Jem Agency, Liisa Marie Laur. Styling by Manny Lago. Make-Up by Shamirah Sairally. Fashion by Lili Zhao, Abba Botwe, Malan Breton, Tugcandokmen, Madalaine Arabbetou, Subinhahn Official, Elena Shvab Millinery, Ana Ljubinkovic, Jennifer Coppard Design, Ruan Kitchener, Vincent Pradier, Isabella Journeaux Design, Beatrice Donofrio, Rocky Star, Doc Martens, Bradley Worth Fashion, Elena Shvab Millinery, Faina Cavagnar, Subinhahn Official.

“Together with my amazing team we have created editorial, which is about the saints and sinners. The motto along the shoot was: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” by Oscar Wilde

What does that mean exacly?
This quote states that everyone who has been declared a Saint was, at one time, something less than saintly. This is a word of encouragement, that every person who become a saint was once a normal person, that no one is born into sainthood. From the other saide, the quote is  saying that everyone who is now a sinner (that would, by standard Christian theology, be everyone) has an opportunity to become a better person. ” says Anna Pluskota

Photography by Anna Pluskota / Website: / instagram:  @anna.pluskota

Models are Billie Dellios / @billiedellios and Jules Jessica signed at Jem Agency @julesjessica / @jem.models and Liisa Marie Laur

Fashion Styling by Manny Lago / instagram: @mlondon_styling

Make-Up by Shamirah Sairally / Website: / instagram: @shamirah_makeup