SAVE THE DATE: 15th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival

We are thrilled to announce the 15th edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival, our favourite fashion festival and a partnership that has spanned over a decade. Mark your calendars for November 17-19, 2023, as Maastricht, in the Netherlands, becomes the vibrant hub for this extraordinary event.

Campaign – photography by Laura Knipsael

During this three-day festival, a new generation of designers and performing artists from all corners of the globe will seize the spotlight, presenting their awe-inspiring creations to a diverse and international audience. The program will feature an exhibition, captivating performances, thought-provoking talks, engaging workshops, and mesmerizing fashion film screenings, showcasing projects that delve into, put into context, and celebrate contemporary fashion culture.
all photography by Laura Knipsael

FASHIONCLASH Festival represents an unparalleled opportunity to explore, stimulate, and shape the latest developments in the fashion industry while sharing them with a wide audience. Participants of the festival belong to a community of forward-thinking designers and artists who constantly push the boundaries of their disciplines. Their innovative works seamlessly traverse the transdisciplinary realms of fashion, social design, and visual arts.

The festival program comprises a diverse selection of projects, including those that were chosen through open calls, as well as initiatives developed by the FASHIONCLASH team in collaboration with numerous organizations and creatives. For FASHIONCLASH, this annual festival serves not only as a platform to showcase the results of year-long projects and talent development initiatives but also as a catalyst for fostering a vibrant and inclusive fashion community.

Join us at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2023 as we celebrate the 15th edition of this remarkable event, a testament to innovation, creativity, and the power of collaboration within the fashion world. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience!

For more information, visit FASHIONCLASH Festival.

Maya Kaplan

The program includes a.o.:

– The Clash House, performance program

– Fashion Film Program, with awards and premiere of a FASHIONCLASH film production powered by the Meester Koetsier Foundation

– New Fashion Narratives exhibition at Bureau Europa

– Fashion Makes Sense, with presentations and workshops of participation projects such as campaign project, The Hooooooodie Project, Who cares what you wear? etc.

– Afterparty with performances 

New Fashion Narratives in co-creation with 5 fashion practitioners; Open Call open till July 14 

For this year’s exhibition program, five independent fashion practitioners were invited by FASHIONCLASH to form a curatorial team and collaborate on the concept for the New Fashion Narratives exhibition that will be presented at Bureau Europa during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2023. Starting the curatorial process with a Residency Week in Maastricht in April 2023, they decided to take a different approach: instead of focusing all attention on the final product, they prefer to highlight the diversity of creative approaches that are often hidden away as ‘process’. “We are interested in what is rarely made known to the public.” 

Maya Kaplan

How would (re)sources from the past, act in the present and create context for the future?

“What happens during the creation process? What types of creative references get used and lost? What are the different collaborations required in order to make one’s final vision come to life? We would like to explore how multi-authorship is represented in fashion and how to unlock new perspectives by zooming in on the creative processes.”

Curators are: Enzo Aït Kaci, Chinouk Filique, Jonathan Ho, Lotte de Jager and Boris Kollar.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is an initiative of the Maastricht (Netherlands) based FASHIONCLASH Foundation, an interdisciplinary showcase and development platform and a worldwide network of new generation fashion makers and (performing) artists. Since 2009, FASHIONCLASH has realized more than 250 projects in the Netherlands and abroad and provided a stage and support for more than 1500 artists and designers from all over the world.

For an impression of the festival, watch 2022 Aftermovie. In addition, most program parts of the previous two editions are available on YouTube channel.

Katharina Spitz