Schwifty on the moon by Chia Hung Cheng

Chia-Hung Cheng is a photographer from Taiwan. With art director Tommy Yan, they shoot with minimalism to present the moon in their viewpoint. “We chose three different styles of clothing and makeup combinations to express the concept of extraterrestrial intelligence, including the astronaut in the earth and all different intelligent life forms on the moon.” A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Art Director Tommy Yan
Instagram: @tommyyan9491

Photographer  Chia Hung Cheng
Instagram: @cheng_wei_photography

Makeup Artist / Po Tsang Ho
Instagram: @potsangho
Hair Stylists Veson Yang
Instagram: @vesonyang
Fashion Stylist  Fish Kuang
Instagram: @fishkuangcouture
Model  Jia Lun Xu
Instagram: @xu_jia_lun