Seasonal depression by Callum Walker Hutchinson

Callum Walker Hutchinson is a photographer based in New York City. As a photographer and as a human being Hutchinson gets really overwhelmed with the issues of the world and the issues that exist inside himself. In order to cope with and understand what’s going on, Callum tries to create a very surreal setting in his photographs to take certain issues out of the context of reality.

“The goal for the series was to depict how surreal the outside world feels to me when dealing with depression and more specifically seasonal depression. I grew up in a conservative town, located on the water, that thrived during the summer, so when winter came and everyone was forced to stay inside- life often felt isolated and bizarre. I wanted to create a really dramatic representation of the town I lived in where nothing really made sense and these characters with very bizarre lives just all existed in the same space. I often felt like I never fit in, in suburbia and wanted to create a version of that where maybe I would have. As the world enters a global lockdown filled with forced isolation from friends, family, and support systems, these images again offer an escape of some sort. I want people to be able to enter a world that feels just as bizarre as the one we’re living in but in a different context.”

Photography by
Callum Walker Hutchinso
Instagram: @callumwalkerhutchinson

Models are Callum Walker Hutchinson
Julia D’andrea / @jujerr
Mitchell Rittenhouse / @mitch_rittenhouse
Emily Kelleher / @emilykelleher

All clothes are photographer’s own.