Self Destruct

Self Destruct is a depiction, made by young designer ZWYRD one of your favourite fashion labels from Poland, of the society that maroons natural enviroment to switch to technical world. It is a story about losing identity and independence through individuality to follow the masses. Inspired by the scenography of  the Star Wars movies and the disturbing climat of Dead Space video game, ZWYRD showed his vision and reflections in his clothes, designing this whole collecion as the reflection of his personality. Editorial is trying to capture the style and climat of the collection. I wanted to show the designer’s inspirations and afflatuses, to introduce to the readers, the whole sence behind the clothes. However, my vision leaves the viewer the space to create his own reflections, identify and define the context of the collection.

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photographer and stylist Laura Ociepa lensed Jan Mach, Ania Adamkiewicz and Maja Florek for us. All the clothes are from ZWYRD and jewellery from Adam Kaczmarek.





photography and styling: Laura Ociepa // @Facebook
clothes: ZWYRD @Facebook
jewellery: Adam Kaczmarek
models: Jan Mach, Ania Adamkiewicz, Maja Florek