Sentido Proibido

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Production by Prommo Showroom. Model is João Vitor Machado. Photography by Gabriela Ferreira. Fashion brands are Diogo Santos and Francisco Pereira. 

Styling by Juliany Jorge and Armandinha Roque.

“Sentido Proibido”

Was a new beginning without defining WHERE and HOW to start –
without destination, searching for meaning, full of energy and ready to expand.
It goes on without fear of horizons. The images reflect the vivacity of youth and the pleasure of exploring, through real effects we build a dream.

With an experience of 11 years of photography, whereby passion exudes beautiful clicks on fine art, fashion and travel, Gabriela is not afraid of what’s coming and manages to extract from the artist more than a thousand clicks, her strategic lightness provides us with a beautiful job!

Production by Prommo Showroom / / Instagram: @prommo_Showroom 

Photography by Gabriela Ferreira / / Instagram: @gaby_anunfinishedstory
Model is João Vitor Machado / Instagram: @jvitormachado /
Agency: N’JOY Models @njoymodels
Styling by Juliany Jorge / Instagram: @julianyjorge
and Armandinha Roque /Instagram: @amandinharoque

Fashion brands are Diogo Santos and Francisco Pereira.