Serious Game

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative Direction by Sylvie Renault. 
Photography by Ira Giorgetti. Models are Isac & Ian signed at First Model Management, Jessie signed at Named Models. Make up by Alessandra Muroni and Lorna Vazraghi. Hair Style by Linda Schuster. 
Styling by Bex Todds. Nail by Stacey Bushay and Bindiya Malik. Location by Lib-rary London. Fashion by  In Gold We Trust, Inkover, Avaider, Medici Millionaire and Names Ldn.

Creative Direction by Sylvie Renault / / Instagram:
Photography by Ira Giorgetti / / Instagram: @iraisavampire
Assistance by Yi-Yang Wang / Instagram: @nemofish481
Models are Isac & Ian signed at First Model Management / Instagram: @firstlondon
Jessie signed at Named Models / Instagram: @namesmodels
Make up by Alessandra Muroni / Instagram:
and Lorna Vazraghi / Instagram: @lvazraghi
Hair Style by Linda Schuster / Instagram: @schulie
Styling by Bex Todds / Instagram: @bexibellastyling
Nail by Stacey Bushay / Instagram: @stacey_nailartist
and Bindiya Malik / Instagram: @bindiya_malik
Location by Lib-rary London