SEX THERAPY! Photography by Tomás Eyzaguirre

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Tomás Eyzaguirre. Styling by Antonio Contreras. Models are Mikey Woodbridge, Jean Cedric, Neocamp,  Leowa, Irfran. Makeup and hair by Carolina Lazo & Maida Cardemil. Set design by Marcela Urivi.

Mikey: top Sadak, leather top Don Aretino, Bad Kitty shoes, Adidas socks.


“Often confused by the openness of the sex life that Berlin offers, I’ve come to realize how important it is to be in touch with one’s sexual self. I have encountered a new meaning to sex therapy: to reflect on how we deal with the freedom of sex and the mobility of gender.

Some of the models in this story are professionals, some are party personas, some are Grindr boys. Framed by the homoerotic gaze, their diversity plays a crucial role in portraying a new idea of sex: liberal, but also intimate and caring. Appropriately, this story is shot in the upcoming sex therapy studio Osmos, in Berlin.”

Irfran: Don Aretino jacket, Acuario jeans.
Jean Cedric: scarfs Don Aretino
Luke: kimono Don Aretino
Luke: Don Aretino overall.
all wearing Acuario
Loewa: Sadak trench.
Jean cedric: Don Aretino top and pants.
Leowa: Sadak trench.
Jean cedric: Don Aretino top and pants.
Irfran: Don Aretino skirt.
Mikey: Don Aretino pants, Bad Kitty shoes.

Leowa: top Alexander Wang, Don Aretino pants, La Perla underwear.

Jean Cedric: Don Aretino t-shirt and skirt, Alinasow pants.
Jean Cedric: Don Aretino t-shirt

Photography by Tomás Eyzaguirre / / @tomeyzaguirre

Styling by Antonio Contreras / @tonioan_

Make up and hair by Carolina Lazo & Maida Cardemil /@carolinalazo_makeup & @maidacardemil

Set design by Marcela Urivi / / @marcelaurivi

Models are Mikey Woodbridge @mikey.woodbridge / Jean Cedric @ced___ced / Neocamp @lukeneocamp / Leowa @gexbyby / Irfran @irfan160

Shoot in Osmos / / @osmosstudio

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