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Sexual Fantasies by Saidis Orda

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and styling by Saidis Orda. Brands are Balenciaga, Vetements, Karalė, Orda Studios, Zara, Humana.

“My name is Saidis Orda and I am a 19-year-old fashion photographer from Lithuania / United Kingdom. I have just finished my first-year fashion photography course at Falmouth University. My latest project called ‘Sexual Fantasies’, the series from my second term – the body and ethics. I’m very proud of my conceptual and experimental project and the way it turned out. I will try my best to explain my project concept, even though English is not my first language.

In my photo series, I am telling a story about the girl who knew how to dress to impress. “Archival images from 1990 ORDA spaceship.” I always admired the atmosphere outside the earth and all the stories about extraterrestrial intelligence. Stories like seven wonders of the ancient world – according to the archaeologist – were built with technology that still has not been invented yet… My approach to this is through fashion. The clothes that we wear now have already been created in the past. Back to the past, but back to the future effect…

There are two parts of my ‘Sexual Fantasies’ project. The first one was photographed with a film point and shoot camera. I wanted to achieve the look that once you look at the film photos you would think that they are from the 1990s, but once you look closer you would see contemporary elements. In the second part, I was inspired by the scary stories from the media in the 1990s about extraterrestrials who are “cloning” people. Nowadays people choose themselves to “clone” / look-alike like their favourite idols. I tried to make different people look alike by simply asking models to wear the same wig and also using different styling elements such as nails, and shoes…

Why is the project called ‘Sexual Fantasies’? My main inspiration was hyper-sexualized red carpet looks that we see on the media nowadays. The specific clothing that has been taboo for many years now seen on celebrities’ red carpet or social media.”

Photography and styling by Saidis Orda / Instagram: @houseoforda @saidisorda
Models are Iselin Haaland / Instagram: @iselinhaa
Miglė Kiškytė / Instagram: @miglekiskyte
Grace Butler / Instagram: @gracevictoriabutler
Tharsika Arulsothy / Instagram: @tharsikaarul
Sonata Ordė / Instagram: @sonataorde
Ugnė Litvinaitė / Instagram: @igobaso
Brands are Balenciaga, Vetements, Karalė, Orda Studios, Zara, Humana.