SHÄPE by Justin GÖ

Justin GÖ is 21 years old and originally from Stuttgart, Germany. He moved to Berlin nine months ago to step out of his comfort zone and to finally chase his dream of sharing his art with the world. Even though GÖ is a trained Graphic designer, he would consider himself more as an contemporary artist in everlasting education which is constantly searching for new areas of creativity to explore. Justin GÖ first modern art oriented exhibition “PÖP” is currently shown at “Living Room” in Funkhaus, Berlin.

“Due to being a gay man, I‘ve never actually taken the time to deal with the aesthetics or preferences of a woman, even though I own a lot of characteristics which are ‚classified as female‘. To get more familiar with the shape and construction of the body, I tried playing with light and motion to enhance the awareness of how to recognize human beings – not as an object of superficial attraction, but making senses, emotions and characteristics shine through. This small series was created to cherish all the beauty, strength, intelligence, fun, spirit and mindset of a „woman“. The future is more than female.“


Instagram: @justin.goe

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