Sharon Needles feat. Amanda Lepore – I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore

Drag super star Sharon Needles teamed up with the iconic Amanda Lepore. The video for ” I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore” is just fresh out of the oven. Sharon Needles is well known from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4. 

Sharon-Needles-I-Wish-I-Were-Amanda-Lepore-Music-Video-Teaser-Single-CoverOfficial about: “Rewind to 1981. Sequestered in the Iowa cornfields, a child is born to a single parent: a television. She’s a bad girl. She discovers makeup—perhaps, too early. A high school dropout, she earns her diploma on the streets.

Fast-forward to 2004. A staple on the Pittsburgh nightlife scene, this underground celebrity captures the affection of the local media as a stupid genius, a reviled sweetheart, a PBR princess, a drag queen… ah…make that a Fag Punk. She’s drop-dead dazzling. She thinks she’s Amanda Lepore. She’s more like Vampira. Break through to 2012. Reality Television, she’s there, exuding warmth, love, laughter, and… blood. A post-Warhol mannequin, this Queer icon is on two million television sets in America—brainless, brain-dead, brainy RuPaul alumni. With the look of a cover model and the soul of a shoe, she lives everyday as if it were Halloween…. or her last.”

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